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We promote and advocate for constitutional, civil and human rights through outreach, education, advocacy, and supporting legal action.
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Our organization’s passion is to preserve the Constitution and defend constitutional rights. We feel strongly that citizens need to be educated on the importance of the Constitution in order to preserve, protect and defend civil and human rights.

Quarantine Lawsuit

Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox, of Cox Lawyers, PLLC, filed Borrello v Hochul (quarantine lawsuit) in New York State Supreme Court the beginning of April 2022. The case is all about separation of powers between the Executive branch of government (the Governor and DOH) vs the Legislative branch of government (our State Senators and Assembly Members). This “regulation” is really a law that the Governor and DOH are illegally forcing on the people. Only the Legislative branch has the power to make law. The Governor and her Department of Health do not have the power to force people to isolate or quarantine. This is a clear example of extreme government overreach. When one branch of government usurps the power of the other branch(es), that is tyranny.

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